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About Modern Hops Distribution

The Modern Hops team is truly passionate about craft beverages. We go beyond distribution, helping increase brand recognition for each partner in our portfolio through education, outreach, events and marketing. Each of our brands is represented with enthusiasm to ensure it gets the attention it deserves.

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Professional and Reliable Alcohol Distribution for Throughout Georgia

Our goal is to take beer from the brewery tank to the retail destination within 24 hours. We use a true cold chain shipping system so beer stays cold the throughout its journey, ensuring maximum freshness and quality.

Modern Hops Distributors wine glasses

Your Partner in Marketing, Promotional Events and Sales

Through tasting events, festivals and other promotions hosted by our sales representatives, our team continues to expand product awareness for our brands’ products in new and existing markets. This allows our partners more time to concentrate on their craft of experimenting and brewing mouthwatering beverages. We’re happy to meet with our brands and formulate a marketing plan that works for them.

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Network with Key Industry Partners

We have established key relationships with craft-focused retail and restaurant establishments throughout the state. To ensure retailers are knowledgeable to properly serve your products, we work closely with them to keep their teams up to date about what’s happening in the craft beverage industry.

Types of Beverages We Distribute







500+ Retail Locations Served in Georgia

Our brands’ beverages can be found on tap and in stores across the state of Georgia. Visit our Beer Finder map to find a spot near you.

Our Mission

To revolutionize craft beverage distribution by bringing the best brands to market for others to enjoy

For independent breweries, wineries, meaderies and distilleries, the current three-tier distribution process can pose many barriers to entry. Suppliers want to expand their footprint, but often times the legal and operational challenges hold them back from releasing their quality products outside of the county, state or country in which they operate. As a result, craft beverage seekers are unable to enjoy some of the best drinks available today.

Modern Hops goes beyond alcohol distribution, connecting retailers with quality alcohol suppliers.

When you partner with us, your brand will be represented with enthusiasm and passion to ensure it gets the attention it deserves. We’re passionate about great tasting, quality beverages and believe they should be promoted and shared. Our portfolio of brands is elite, distinguished, limited, and carefully crafted to present non-competing brands. We aim to distribute the best beer, wine, mead, cider and spirits available in Georgia.

If you’d like to partner with us, contact us today. Cheers!